Internet and Networking
The success of your business depends greatly upon your connection to the internet and your own data servers. If your WiFi or network goes down, iTeagarden, Inc. responds.

Server, Switches & PC Setup
Setting up and configuring your equipment correctly is important. Keeping your equipment running efficiently is VERY important.

Security Cameras
Remotely see your home or office from the internet using a secure password. Safety and peace of mind are important to you and iTeagarden, Inc.

Back Up
There are many ways to backup today, but most still blindly run a program or think someone else is doing it. Bottom line – most companies don’t have a true daily backup. I fix many backup routines to prepare for every scenario.

Web & Multimedia Designs
Our custom multimedia and web designs provide you with the best solutions for your company. We strive to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients. From company logo creation to Website designs and more.

iTeagarden, Inc. is proud to serve its customers.
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